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Clinical service

Manage & Recover from Opioid Use Disorder

Prescription drug abuse and opiate addiction can ravage lives and destroy families. Here at AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC, we offer intensive treatments for opioid use disorder.

Managing long-term addiction and substance abuse takes time and considerable expertise. Our ongoing treatments include not the only medication for opiate use disorder but detoxification, extensive counseling, and behavioral therapy as well to ensure a holistic approach to substance use disorder treatment.

23.5 million Americans have a substance use disorder problem. Eighty-four percent do not have access to the substance use disorder treatment they need. Of the 16% that seek treatment, 87% receive those services on an outpatient basis. AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC is committed to closing this treatment gap in Janesville, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area. We strive to increase access to quality outpatient substance abuse and related behavioral health treatment during the day and evening hours. To meet this goal, we offer the following Programs and Services.

Choice of medication is based on a mutual decision between the patient and physician. At AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC, we offer FDA approved medications to medically assist a patient’s treatment.

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Screening and Assessment

Screening and Assessment – AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC will perform screening services on a walk-in basis and comprehensive mental health and substance use evaluations by appointment.

AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC staff will also perform off-site evaluations (jail, hospital, etc.) in Janesville, Wisconsin, and the surrounding area with appropriate prior scheduling. Expert testimony based on evaluation is also available with appropriate notice.

Screening and assessment

Intensive Outpatient Program

72 hours of intensive group experience focused on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, psycho-educational, life skills training, relapse prevention, and Twelve Step/Mutual Support principles. We also educate, as well as recommend participation in All Addicts Anonymous, SMART Recovery, The Most Excellent Way, and Celebrate Recovery for those individuals who do not wish to participate in 12-step recovery.

Our staff of Licensed/Certified Addictions Professionals has extensive experience treating substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, etc. We offer comprehensive solutions for these complex conditions. AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC staff is also happy to work with your existing medical provider for medical management of your co-occurring disorder so long as the appropriate HIPAA-compliant releases are in place. Our Intensive Outpatient Addiction Program meets four days a week for 2.25 hours each day (9 hours a week) for eight weeks at our Janesville location. To accommodate a wide range of schedules, AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC provides day and evening treatment sessions. This 72-hour intensive group experience focuses on the principles of cognitive-behavioral and motivational enhancement therapy, didactic (classroom) presentations, life skills training, relapse prevention, and Twelve steps/Mutual Support activities. For those not interested in 12-Step Recovery, we also educate, as well as recommend participation in SMART Recovery, The Most Excellent Way, and Celebrate Recovery.

Outpatient program

Outpatient Program

The qualified professional staff at AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC also provide less intensive counseling on an individual, group, and/or family basis. We also include family members in one group per week with the patients as well as one group per week for family members without the patient to ensure that the family’s needs, as well as the patient’s needs, are addressed. Our family group aids loved ones in setting appropriate boundaries, educating them about substance use disorders and outpatient substance use disorder treatment to encourage family cohesion and develop an overall understanding of the family aspects of addiction.


AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC is licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to provide aftercare services. Our aftercare program focuses on cognitive behavioral principles as well as relapse prevention. Prior to admission to the aftercare program, we require the completion of an appropriate primary substance abuse treatment program (within the last 60 days). A completion letter from your previous provider and an aftercare plan must be provided for admission.

Recovery monitoring

Recovery Monitoring

External monitoring has been shown to increase positive recovery outcomes by as much as 90%. Our monitoring program utilized state-of-the-art technology to develop an accountability partner relationship for all stages of recovery. We partner with you, your employer, family, or professional organization to ensure recovery compliance, abstinence, and safety. Call for details.


The clinical and administrative staff at Addiction Medical Solutions, LLC have over 50 years of program development, licensing, and safe and drug free workplace development experience and are available to assist you with licensing, accreditation preparation, and program development.



AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC provides intervention services based on the Johnson Model, where the participants meet with the interventionist to prepare for the intervention without the knowledge of the addicted person until the actual intervention.

Speakers Bureau

AMS of Wisconsin - Janesville, LLC is determined to be a part of the solution to the drug and alcohol problem in our society, and more specifically Janesville, Wisconsin area. In an effort to do so, we actively participate in community events and activities to educate both professionals and non-professionals on substance use disorders. With advance preparation, we are able to provide speakers for your event or training. Please call for details!

Speakers bureau


The medication treats the physiological symptoms of addiction (i.e., withdrawal symptoms and cravings) when taken in a medically approved manner.


Medication allows the patient to engage in counseling to focus on the steps he or she needs to take to begin making behavioral changes associated with recovery.

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